ECOFusion Paper Published In

Peer Reviewed Journal Physics Essays

An overview of ECOFusion has been published in the peer reviewed journal Physics Essays. The paper, entitled "ECOFusion: An electron-cooled, colliding-beam, cellular approach to harnessing fusion power" appears in Physics Essays in Volume 29: Pages 450-456, 2016. The paper was published online in September of 2016. To find the published paper, go to

Summary for the Media

ECOFusion is a new approach toward harnessing fusion energy. ECOFusion uses the science of accelerator physics to design a system that promises to deliver useful fusion power. Accelerator physics is the science used to develop atom smashers, and such devices work every day in many laboratories around the world. ECOFusion makes use of the specific process of electron cooling of colliding beams in order to arrive at a design for a new, clean and safe power source for mankind.

Electron cooling is a process whereby an electron beam is merged onto an ion beam. Collisions between the two beams causes the ion beam to lose its imperfections to the electron beam, resulting in a nearly perfect ion beam. The process of electron cooling is the key advance of ECOFusion, as colliding beams have previously not been able to produce useful fusion power due to unwanted scattering processes. By applying electron cooling to the ion beams, the problems caused by the unwanted scattering are mitigated - and this is the critical invention that will make fusion energy possible.