Welcome to the Scientific Presentation page for ECOFusion.

A Scientific Presentation of ECOFusion has now been made before several critical scientific audiences. The first presentation was at the 7th Symposium CURRENT TRENDS IN INTERNATIONAL FUSION RESEARCH: A REVIEW which was held in Washington DC in March of 2007. (See http://www.physicsessays.com/symposium2007.asp for symposium information.) ECOFusion was also presented to the University of Texas at Arlington's colloquium in the spring of 2008, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory's accelerator physics colloquium in the spring of 2009, and has been reviewed by individual scientists as well. In order to bring the ECOFusion concept to a wider audience, the presentation is now available here. It is presented in four parts.

Part 1 - Scientific Introduction (approximately 16 minutes)

The Scientific Introduction is an introduction of the ECOFusion concept and it explains the concepts of fusion, ECOFusion, and the key technology of electron cooling.

Parts 2 and 3 - Scientific Analysis (approximately 35 minutes)

The Scientific Analysis presentation is a first pass look at many of the beam physics issues involved in the analysis of the ECOFusion system. (This section assumes a rather high level of scientific expertise on the part of the viewer.)

Part 2 - Initial Parameters and Ion Beam Physics (approximately 25 minutes)

Part 3 - Electron Beam Physics and Component Designs (approximately 10 minutes)

Part 4 - Scientific Summary (approximately 8 minutes)

The Scientific Summary includes a look at some of the component designs needed for ECOFusion prototype construction, and goes on to estimate device performance, expected improvements, and the dream of an ECOFusion future for mankind.